How do I use the random recipe finder?

Simply filter for any dietary requirements by clicking the “Vegetarian” or “Gluten Free” tick boxes (leave them unchecked if you don’t have any), then click on the meal that you want to find ideas for. A random but relevant recipe will then open up in a new tab in your browser! If what you see doesn’t appeal to you, you can pop back to the recipe generator and keep clicking until you find something that gets your mouth watering.

What can I use the recipe finder for?

You can use God Dammit What Do You Want for any food-based decision, from last minute inspiration to a family’s meal planning. Hit “Lunch” for a midday meal option, click “Brunch” to find something new for your lazy Sunday mornings, or use it to make planning for your weekly shop a little easier.

How often do you add recipes to your database?

Delicious additions are made daily, thanks to us keeping an eye on both the newest and highest rated recipes from a wide variety of platforms. We like to keep our digital larder overflowing.

Are the recipes used in the generator your own?

No. We source the recipes from the biggest and best food sites around, and link directly back to the original website. Our goal is to help you cook fantastic food, not plagiarise other sites’ work, so we make a point of fully crediting every mention of every meal we include, as well as never replicating a recipe in its entirety here on God Dammit What Do You Want.

How can I suggest a new source site or filter?

Any (well, almost any…) suggestions for improvements to our random recipe finder, or God Dammit What Do You Want as a whole, are greatly appreciated, so just drop us an email here and we’ll take on board what you’ve got to say.

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