Recipes of the Week – 16th October 2017

Four Grain Coconut Porridge with Autumnal Fruit - Jamie Oliver


Four-Grain Porridge with Autumnal Fruit

Jaime Oliver

They say:

“This is the most delicious porridge, and it’s very good for you, too.”

We say:

This soul-warming breakfast makes it worth dragging yourself out of bed on these bitter, pitch-black mornings. You can go back to bed afterwards.


Baked Banana French Toast - All Recipes


Baked Banana French Toast

All Recipes

They say:

“…French toast and bananas are a perfect pair.”

We say:

We dare you to disagree. Take their advice and don’t hold back with the maple syrup. Always more maple syrup.



Guacamole Grilled Cheese - Two Peas and their Pod


Guacamole Grilled Cheese Toastie

Two Peas and their Pod

They say:

“…what is not to love – bread, melted cheese, and creamy guacamole?”

We say:

Guac may be extra, but say hello to your new favourite comfort food. The crunch of the toasted bread, the salty cheese and creamy guacamole come together to form your new holy trinity.


Digestive Biscuit Bars - All Recipes


Digestive Biscuit Bars

All Recipes

They say:

“These sweet treats are quick and easy to make and taste fantastic. ”

We say:

Although they look like regular chocolate biscuit bars, the condensed milk and desiccated coconut take these little gems down a wholly more indulgent path.


Chicken Biryani - BBC Good Food


Chicken Biryani

BBC Good Food

They say:

“A great one-pot rice dish that can still be served up a few days later…”

We say:

While this stripped back, simplified approach might not be for the biryani purists out there, this recipe makes a fantastic mid-week crowd-pleaser. Maximum flavour, minimum faff.


Lemon Sorbet - Jamie Oliver


Lemon Sorbet

Jamie Oliver

They say:

“You can also add a shot of vodka or grappa – for adults only!”

We say:

It’s amazing what you can get from some sugar, a few lemons and a jug of water. The citrus zing is a great way to freshen yourself up after a filling main course (like the biryani…).