World Gin Day Recipe Gin-spiration

Gin-spirational recipes for World Gin Day

A summer’s day, a winter’s day, after a hard day in the office, at the weekend… is there any time when you can’t drink gin?! In honour of our favourite tipple, here’s some recipes to help you celebrate this spirit in style.



Gin gets its name from the French genièvre or the Dutch jenever, both meaning juniper. As you gin fanatics are undoubtedly already aware, gin’s predominant flavour comes from juniper berries. One reason why gin is so loved is because of its versatility, meaning there are hundreds of styles and flavour profiles. So, if you’ve not yet found a gin you like, keep on going until you find one that you do!

Dutch Jenever

Traditional Dutch Jenever

In its earliest form, gin can be traced back to the Middle Ages when it was used an herbal medicine. 11th century Italian monks crudely distilled spirits with juniper berries and used the resulting drink as an ineffective remedy during the Black Death. They might have been on their deathbed, but at least they got to experience gin before they went!


Gin as we know it today goes back to the Dutch physician, Franciscus Sylvius and, by 1663, there were 400 distillers in Amsterdam alone selling gin in pharmacies (we’ve always said gin is medicinal!).


The UK’s love affair with gin really kicked off under William the Orange. A number of statutes introduced by William encouraged distillation of English spirits. Once the government allowed the unlicensed production of gin, the Gin Craze started… and still continues today.


Get into the spirit for World Gin Day

So, enough of the civilised talk. Let’s get down to business. You want to celebrate World Gin Day – the third most important holiday after Christmas and Easter – and we want to help you!


Gin and tonic pancakes

Gin and Tonic Pancakes

Gin and Tonic Pancakes – Credit: BBC Good Food

Think breakfast is a socially unacceptable time to start enjoying gin? Guess again! Gin has certainly gained even more popularity in recent years and people are getting more and more creative with their gin recipes.

For an extra boozy breakfast, create these gin and tonic pancakes, that contain the classic combo in the batter AND in the syrup.


Gin and lime truffles

Gin and Lime Truffles

Gin and Lime Truffles – Credit: BBC

Gin and chocolate? What could be more delicious? For a luxurious way of incorporating gin into your day, make these super easy, zingy, gin and lime truffles.


Gin and tonic tart

Gin and Tonic Tart

Gin and Tonic Tart – Credit: Brett Stevens / Delicious

So, you’ve had a long, hard day celebrating gin and, although you’re feeling full, you still feel like you’ve got room for a little something extra. If you don’t fancy yet another G&T, turn your favourite cocktail into a pudding and whip up this scrumptious tart.


Alternatively, pour yourself another gin-based drink and enjoy your day in peace.


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