Homemade Doughnut Tips for Sugary Deliciousness

How to make doughnuts at home

While Donkey may have never met anybody who don’t like parfait, we’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like doughnuts. Whether a glazed ring doughnut or jam-filled, these little bites of heaven turn us all into Homer Simpson. Repeat with me now: Mmmm… doughnuts!

So, who do we have to thank for creating the doughnut? As with most great things, doughnuts have a vast history, with doughnut-like treats being served up across the world for centuries. But, when it comes to the modern doughnut, it seems we should pass our thanks onto Dutch settlers who took their olykoek to New York.

There a lot of theories discussing how and who was responsible for making the hole in the centre. One of the most commonly held is that a baker’s apprentice poked holes in the pastry before frying after becoming frustrated with the undercooked centres.

But what’s better than a doughnut? A fresh batch of them, of course! Make your life a hole lot batter and follow these steps to make doughnuts at home. Trust us, you do-nut want to miss this:


To hole or not to hole

That is the question you’ll need to answer before you get started. While the frying remains the same, the pre- and post-cooking steps will be different. These two recipes will help you make the perfect batter:

Filled doughnuts

Jam and Sugar Doughnuts


Ring doughnuts

Sugar Dusted Doughnuts


Get equipped

You’ve got the perfect recipe, now it’s time to arm yourself with the right equipment. Firstly, you need a deep fat fryer or a big pan with a frying thermometer. A deep fat fryer is better as you can set and monitor the frying temperature.

If you’re making ring doughnuts you’ll either need a doughnut cutter (don’t forget to save the middles for ‘doughnut holes’) or get a cookie cutter to do the main circle and a slightly smaller one to do the centre.

To turn the doughnuts and put them in and remove them from the oil, use a long-handled slotted spoon.

Or, you could cheat and get a doughnut maker.


Lets fry, lets fry away

Your tummy might be rumbling at the thought of your homemade doughnuts but it’s time to get serious for a minute. Cooking them requires oil reaching very high temperatures so you need to put safety first! Better Homes & Gardens recommends following these safety guidelines:

  • Never leave the fryer or the pan unattended when its in use.
  • Don’t drop the doughnuts into the oil – use your slotted spoon to gently place them in.
  • Always add oil to an unheated pan or cold and switched off fryer.
  • Don’t let water come into contact with the hot oil as it will evaporate into steam, which can cause the oil to splatter and can result in burns.
  • Turn off the fryer or pan as soon as you’re finished and make sure it is completely cool before you clean it.

Don’t let this put you off! Just be sensible and you’ll soon be making doughnuts that rival Krispy Kreme!

As much as we’d love to, we can’t live off doughnuts forever. If you’re struggling to take your mind off delicious fried bits of batter, our random recipe finder will provide you with new ideas!