7 Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

Halloween is over and now it’s officially time to start thinking about Christmas.

But before the seasonal panic sets in and you start stressing about what to get everyone, we’ve put together a selection of the greatest homemade Christmas food gifts – because who isn’t a foodie? And the homemade aspect will get you great brownie points!

So put the fire on, grab a mince pie, and get prepping…



Whether spread on a hot, buttery slice of toast, spooned into a fresh croissant, or dolloped on top of yoghurt, jam is a sweet addition to any kitchen pantry.

If you’re new to the jam-making world, we’d recommend starting with raspberry – it’s the quickest and easiest but by no means less delicious.

Feeling more adventurous? Why not try orange and rhubarb jam? Or for something completely different, go with bacon jam.   



Tis the season to indulge. And what’s more indulgent than homemade truffles?

They might look decadent, but homemade chocolate truffles are actually deceitfully easy to make (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you won’t!).

One of the great things about truffles is that there are endless flavour options. Go luxurious with dark chocolate, sprinkle on some sea salt, or truly get into the Christmas spirit with a batch of boozy truffles.


Pomegranate gin

Most gin lovers are probably more than familiar with sloe gin, but why not turn your favourite spirit into a real winter warmer with spiced pomegranate gin? You’ll instantly become the favourite relative round the Christmas tree.

Jamie Oliver’s recipe will have family feeling like they’re drinking Christmas – just don’t blame us if it gets people bursting into carols round the fireplace!


Popcorn jar

In that limbo-state between Christmas and New Year, we all inevitably find ourselves nursing our food babies and sheltering from the wintry weather by curling up on the sofa with a movie marathon.

Provide your loved ones with the perfect picture partner with a jar of popcorn. Now, with homemade gifts, it’s the thought that counts, but plain popcorn probably won’t cut it. Treat their tastebuds with cinnamon roll caramel flavoured popcorn.


Gingerbread syrup

Whatever coffee shop your loved ones frequent, you can guarantee that the season’s festive syrups will get people excited.

Give them the gift of homemade gingerbread syrup for them to enjoy in their own home, whenever they want.

Add to hot chocolate, coffee, prosecco, or drizzle over ice cream – just don’t forget to make a bottle for yourself too! (It’s ok to give yourself Christmas food gifts as well, you know…).



No, we’re not talking about the ones filled with rubbish jokes. No matter how full you are on Christmas Day, there’s always room for cheese and crackers.

Whether oat cakes, water biscuits or rye, the cheese fiend in your life will love your caerphilly crafted crackers.



We all know someone obsessed with heat. And really, in the winter months, who can blame them? So, for something a little off the beaten festive path, bring the fire to the party with some homemade sriracha.

Just make sure you don’t rub your eyes when you’re making it!


Have these Christmas food gift ideas got your mouth watering? Use our random recipe finder to keep you full until the big day!